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Class Registration Mentoring

THU 10/29 – ASME hosted their semesterly class registration mentoring meeting to help undergraduates plan their upcoming course schedule. Chairperson, Dannah, baked soft pumpkin cookies to celebrate the successful Punkin Chunkin’ event the weekend prior. Throughout the evening, members shared their advice and stories about what classes to take together and which professors to have.

20151029_182104 Several E-Board Members Sharing Advice to Members

20151029_175417Frank (’17) Hugging the Pumpkin Cookies



Punkin Chunkin’ 2015

The Saturday of Family Weekend dawned bright and cold as four teams prepared their launchers.  That’s right, it was time to chuck some pumpkins! Chi Phi, Sig Ep, ASME, and team BDK had each toiled over their pumpkin chucking device, and the time had come for trial by vegetable.
Chi Phi’s Ballista
Sig Ep’s Trebuchet
Team BDK’s Trebuchet
ASME’s own drop arm trebuchet
The four teams each had 6 pumpkins to hurl as far as they could, fueled on by the chilly but excited crowd of spectators.
All four launchers lined up
The awesome trophies at stake
After a long day of launches, repairs, devestating defeat and dizzying success, the results stacked up to:
-Sig Ep in 4th place with 7 feet 3 inches
-Team BDK in 3rd place with 119 feet 6 inches
-ASME in 2nd place with 120 feet 6 inches
And the winner, with a throw of 138 feet 11 inches….
Chi Phi and their modified ballista!
It was a fun event with plenty of carnage, and we hope to see you all out for it next year!
Pumpkin Carnage