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Speaker Series: Dr. Bharat Bagepalli

THU. 11/19 – The second installment of the ASME Speaker Series hosted Dr. Bharat Bagepalli of the RPI Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Nuclear Engineering Department. He is a Professor of Practice, leveraging his vast product design experience to teach several Engineering Design related courses. In his 30 years at General Electric, Bagepalli worked on generator design engineering with GE Power and Water and was a principal technologist/engineer with GE Wind Energy. Dr. Bharat Bagepalli spoke about general and design topics of wind, wind energy, and wind turbines, combining humor and personal  experiences into his presentation.

20151119_182005Dr. Bharat Bagepalli Introducing Himself

20151119_182026Dr. Bharat Bagepalli Explaining Wind

If you have any questions for Dr. Bharat Bagepalli, contact him at

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Speaker Series: Dr. Kris Frutschy

THU. 11/05 – The first installment of the ASME Speaker Series started off with our own Senior Section member, Dr. Kris Frutschy of General Electric. He is an accomplished and versatile engineering profession with experience leading teams, projects, developing prototypes, completing mechanical/thermal testing, and running finite element analysis. In his presentation, Frutschy spoke about his experiences in education, projects, and the professional workplace and gave advice about transitioning through levels of leadership.

KrisDr. Kris Frutschy Presenting His Professional Work Projects

Pizza and refreshments were provided by Amante Pizza.

Robotics Blog: Milestone 2

TUES 10/27 –  The goal for Milestone 2 was selection of a single projectile/machine combination for competition towards which to devote the team’s entire resources. Each of the three sub-groups brought in prototypes to demonstrate the functionality of their design.  Further findings were also presented to the rest of the team, including predicted system volume, projectile test results, foreseeable complications, and benefits to choosing each approach.

Following the presentations, the team carefully discussed the strengths, weaknesses, and logistics of each option before one of the designs quickly emerged as the unanimous victor.  The focus of the team now becomes further refinement of the projectile-making process, as well as detailed mechanical and electrical design of the various subsystems.

Trevor, Frank, and Candy present a design for making the loop
Josh and Robert present a roller system for creating the paper wasp
Collaborative OnShape assembly of the loop roller
Aquiel and Shelley discuss the mechanics of their design