Monthly Archives: November 2016

Speaker Series: Adi Raghunandun

THURS. 11/17- ASME hosted the first speaker series of the Fall semester with Adi Raghunandun, a PhD student in¬†Professor Hirsa’s lab. His area of expertise is in Protein Fibrillation, flow driven as well as steady state. Adi is also working with a few other graduate students on a similar project alongside NASA that ¬†will be sent to the International Space Station in 2019. The talk blended a research presentation and lecture format so that students could understand how their classes in thermal flow and heat transfer are applied in the real world.

adi-speaker-seriesAfter the talk.

Robotics Blog: Robot Disassembly Round 1

TUES. 11/1- The robotics team spent a couple of hours taking apart a wafer moving machine. The robot turned out to be much more complex than anticipated, and the team will meet again to finish the disassembly. Robotics managed to recover three motors.

20161101_194949-min With the outer shell removed.

20161101_205229-min The bottom of the machine, where the motors were screwed in.

20161101_210826-minThe leftovers.

20161101_210835-minPieces of the robot.