Monthly Archives: January 2017

Mayor’s Cup 2017: Robohockey

THURS. 1/19- Members of ASME from RPI and Union College competed in a Robohockey competition during the first intermission of the Mayor’s Cup hockey game. The competition involved both teams fielding two modified RC cars each to race around one goal net and back to center-line where they drove a puck to the other net.  After taking an early lead, RPI scored and won the competition.

robohockey team 2017Team RPI showing off the modified RC cars. 

Video footage of the entire competition.

GE Power Tour

FRI. 12/9- ASME members toured a GE Power facility in Schenectady, NY. The tour was split into two groups, one that followed Collin through the steam turbine factory, and another led by Jim  by the solar panel array and also the factory. Afterwards, both groups converged for a discussion of different power sources and the future of energy generation in the United States. Thanks to Jim and Collin from GE for setting up and leading the tour.