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Speaker Series Fall 2017: Professor Yungfeng Shi

THURS. 10/26 РASME hosted Professor Yungfeng Shi as a speaker to discuss materials science and his research in that discipline. Professor Shi  argued for the advantages of focusing on material design, pointing out the success of such innovations such as super-alloys and high strength ceramics. He also talked about his research in computational materials science and how the introduction of computing will increase developments in the field of materials science.

Professor Shi compares the wood used in the Wright Brothers’ plane to aluminum in modern aircraft to demonstrate the ability of material improvements to be disruptive.

Punkin Chunkin: Workparty 2017

SATUR. 10/21- ASME members prepared for Punkin Chunkin this year by repairing Conservation of Smash, a trebuchet used three years ago. The repairs included replacing a broken piece of wood, making a sling, and adding an i-screw to the bar. Both of ASME’s trebuchets should be ready for the competition on 28th at 12PM on ’86 Field.

Club president Xiao poses with parts from both trpebuchets.

Punkin Chunkin: Troy High

THURS. 10/18 – ASME officers visited Troy High School as part of an ongoing outreach program to help students build trebuchets for the 2017 Punkin Chunkin competition. Mr. Baitinger’s Principles of Engineering class has two teams: one building an onager catapult and the other a trebuchet. Unfortunately, liability concerns prevents these teams from competing this year, but ASME hopes to bring teams from Troy High to Punkin Chunkin in future years.

One team drills a hole to insert a metal rod for the arm to pivot around.