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Designathon 1 Fall 2017

SAT. 9/30 – ASME Robotics hosted the first of two Designathons for the 2017-2018 season. New and returning members discussed solutions to this year’s challenge, “Robot Football”. The team went over many of the tools for Robotics, including OnShape and Slack. Pizza and refreshments were provided.

The Chair and new members pose with their CAD designs.

Spring 2017 Soft Robotics

TUES. 5/2 ASME has completed its submission to the Soft Robotics Toolkit Competition. The team built a silicone “gripper” based on a design from Cornell University as well as a silicone actuator. After multiple iterations, the gripper was able to close three of its four fingers in the desired direction. The final actuator extended, but more axially than laterally and with a bend towards one direction. Visit the website to read the full report.

The final actuator bends to the side.


Gripper with three fingers bent correctly.

Mayor’s Cup 2017: Robohockey

THURS. 1/19- Members of ASME from RPI and Union College competed in a Robohockey competition during the first intermission of the Mayor’s Cup hockey game. The competition involved both teams fielding two modified RC cars each to race around one goal net and back to center-line where they drove a puck to the other net.  After taking an early lead, RPI scored and won the competition.

robohockey team 2017Team RPI showing off the modified RC cars. 

Video footage of the entire competition.