Punkin Chunkin


Punkin Chunkin is an annual competition hosted by ASME where teams build catapults, trebuchets, slingshots, and other machines (check rules for details) to launch pumpkins across ’86 field. Anyone wanting to build a machine should follow the signup link below and read the rules.¬†Each registration requires a $25 deposit, $15 to be returned upon completion of competition.

Date and Location:

Pumpkin Chunkin 2017 will be held on Saturday, October 28th, from 12PM to 2PM on the ’86 Field.



2014 Competition:

IMG_20141101_144143361_HDRIMG_20141101_144358409_HDR IMG_20141102_110428490 IMG_20141102_111037939 IMG_20141102_120127946IMG_20141102_122136205


2013 Competition

2 thoughts on “Punkin Chunkin

  1. The rules page doesn’t work. I was wondering if, since I have more of a chemical background than proper engineering, could I make a combustion-based launching system? Something about the premise makes me think I should ask before running for it.

    1. Our apologies for the broken link to the rules page. It has since been fixed.

      Unfortunately, combustion systems are in fact prohibited (see Safety Rules section).

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